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  About us
  Xinghua Vegetable Foods Co.,Ltd. Founded in 2006, is located in China's largest production base, the chive XingHuaShi east jing ning salt highways, BeiYu provincial gold waterway, the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior, the fertile land, water, pleasant climate, green vegetables base is worthy of the name.
  Main products: dehydration, onion, cabbage, chive carrot, turnip leaves and capsicums, garlic, horseradish, parsley and various condiment, is at present in our country export processing dehydrated vegetable larger scale, variety complete, quality stable dehydrated vegetable enterprises.
  We have passed ISO9001 quality system authentication, HACCP quality system authentication.
  The company has the first-class management personnel, well-trained team, strong technology and advanced production line of steel rusty all equipment and perfect testing equipment, the main production dehydration, cabbage, scallions, carrots, garlic, chili powder) (products such as required by the customer, can produce various specifications of the products. According to the market, instant noodles are mainly exported to Japan, South Korea, Singapore, European and American countries (product quality guarantee), you are welcome to visit and investigate!
  In order to ensure the quality, we adhere to:
  One, all the food raw material are from our own agriculture base ISO certification of enterprise and after.
  Second, from raw materials to finished products into the whole imposed a strict quality control procedures. For every batches of product quality tracking files, established in each manufacturing process and strict inspection record, for each of the production process, the standard of the production process to the quality control, the process of unqualified products not into next procedure, unqualified products not leave the factory.
        Third, rigorous scientific attitude throughout the production process, the warehousing, the product sale until the transport process, to ensure product quality, to win more market and enterprises.